This is a decision support system that enables health centers and drug distribution organisations capture data on drug supplies and consumption so as to better understand consumption trends through easy to understand visualisation tools that support accurate decision making.

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DrugDash Features

Offline and Mobile Data Capture

Users will be able to record stock with both mobile and desktop apps.


Stock levels will be visible through the dashboards enabling redistribution from areas that have been overstocked to areas that are understocked

RealTime Stock level Data

Dashboards will be enable visibility of realtime stock levels.

Prediction and analysis

Predicition and analysis becomes a possibility with realtime stock level data and drug stock level monitoring


We believe that more lives can be saved if the stocking of drugs in Government districts have can be optimized. We must leverage technology to enhance better informed decision making and ease coordination between the district health centers and the central government medical stores. Drug Dash will continually innovate new solutions to empower decision makers and district health centers with the information they need to optimize the stocking of drugs. Drug Dash exists to save more lives by enabling better-informed decision-making and smooth coordination between dispensaries and central drug stores.

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